Saturday, 13 December 2014

Kurt Ryslavy


Public View
14 December 2014

Private viewing 17 December 2014 - 25 January 2015

A sonorous and low-pitched voice is speaking insistently the following text (en/ fr/ nl – recorded tape)......

Kurt Ryslavys artistic practice could be defined as an exploratory journey into the sensory experience of reality. Using different devices – installations, projections, immersive environments, urban interventions, sculptures –, he invites the viewer to cross the threshold into a new sensory space, on the borderline of dizziness and bedazzlement. In a register inspired by cognitive processes, his works tend toward a certain minimalism, underscoring the fleeting, ephemeral or fragile character of what he is proposing. Spatialization and distribution of light, radiant colour, and translucent or reflective surfaces all serve to reveal the instability of our perception of time and space. Properties of matter (gloss, lightness, transparency, fluidity) and physical phenomena (reflection, refraction, perspective, balance, waves) are rigorously investigated for their ability to destabilize the very concept of materiality.

Kurt Ryslavy produced objects made by shrink-wrapping transparent plastic mineral water bottles around hand-painted found wood logs. Ryslavy used a small Bunsen-burner as his heating source and white and red wine was served during the duration of the performance.

After the completion of each object he asked one of the spectators to hold it while it’s still warm. There was a cardboard (80 x 120 cm) with the artist name stencilled on it where the spectators can place the object, if they don’t what to keep holding it.

After the performance - 10 objects will be produced – the audience will be informed (by  the poster next to the exit) that the spectators can keep one object if they buy a box of 6 bottles of wine. The bill for the wine will serve as the certificate of authenticity (10 proforma this evening – original bill will follow by post/ mail).

Immersive Environment was part of the artist presentation at Platform 102. There are several objects shown in variations (Morceau de Bois, peint rouge& coupé (09), Painting Salesman 03 (9 boxes + 1 box) winebottles, facture décorative 347 serie noir (incl. installation on spot & windowshape {as reference}), and two painted wine bills (facture décorative mono 111 le monochrome avec son arrière-plan économique), and three artist books/ editions.

The generous opportunity to take an object home for free, after having purchased 6 bottles of wine should will conclude at the end of the opening (19h - 14/12/2014). The ten boxes (6 bottles) of 10 different wines next to the entrance have different prices. The first visitor who buys a box has the best price selection. For example it would not be possible to order 6 bottles with the order form and take a free object home afterwards.


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