Friday, 13 March 2015

Yumi Kori : "windowspace" - one day intervention

15 March 2015

Yumi Kori is an artist and architect based in New York and Tokyo. She works within the context of places, transforming them by altering architectural settings through installations and interventions. By using light and sound to discover new spatial and temporal dimensions, Kori's projects set out to discover what is hidden in exiting/entrance areas of a space.

Kori presented "windowspace" which focused on the two main windows in the Platform 102.  The intervention gave viewers an example of what is framed from this perspective by erasing our peripheral vision and capturing each moment passing as a frame, thereby generating ideas about the area outside the space....within it.

image: study for window space
© Yumi Kori / Platform 102

 image: Yumi Kori

image: "windowspace", 2014
© Yumi Kori / Platform 102

Yumi Kori received a MS in Architecture from Columbia University, 1995 and a BA in Architecture, from Kyoto Prefecture University, 1983. She is currently a Lecturer at Tokyo University of Science, and Kokushikan University, Tokyo. 

Solo projects have been presented at: Queens Museum of Art, New York, The National Art Center, Tokyo, 2014; The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, USA, 2010 and 2003; MAM, Museum of Modern Art Bahia, Salvador, Brazil, 2008; Kobe Biennale, 2007; and COCA, Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, 2005.

Group projects include: Interdisciplinary Festival for Music and Sound Art, Vienna, 2013; Elga Wimmer Gallery, New York, 2009; ART PROSPECTS, New York, 2009; and Mu Project Gallery, Washington DC, 2007. This will be Kori's first solo presentation in Europe.

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