Wednesday, 19 November 2014

What is Object Based Performance?

Object Based Performance is a curatorial project studying artists who use visual items as distinctive parts of their performances and/or those artists who create items to initiate participatory actions.  Contemporary performance artists who have developed practices defining classification/categorization of the object within and outside of the performance will be presented by Platform 102 using a wide range of resources, institutions, and public spaces.

Object Based Performance is organic in its research approach. Most of the artists selected have used objects in their work for some time while a new generation of artists  are examining new approaches and media to contemporary performance. 

Platform 102 will use social media sites for updates, announcements and occasional commentary . The objective of the project is to expand the concept of the performance/performer into the discourse of visual art practice.

Image: Objects from "Reciprocal Action; You guess you know what they are"  
            Saori Kuno - November 16, 2014 
            image (© Saori Kuno/Platform 102, Brussels)

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