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Public View
16 November 2014

Private viewing by appointment 19 November - 9 December 2014

Saori Kuno's recent work is the result of a series of operations and rearrangements of easily acquired materials. By exaggerating the composition of manufactured items Kuno presents reinterpretations of everyday aesthetic simplicity through a conceptual framework.

© Platform 102

Her work is generally presented either off-set, in groups or overlapping. Kuno's presentation at Platform 102 created a visual dialogue between materials and form, between things organic and manufactured, which drives her practice. 

© Platform 102

Kuno presented a new version of her performance piece "Reciprocal Action; You guess you know what they are" on-site during the public view.  Objects from the performance remained at Platform 102 for temporary private view. 

© Platform 102

Kuno's performance served as part of the Platform 102 curatorial project "Object Based Performance" (OBP). OBP examines artists who use visual items as distinctive parts of their performances and/or those artists who create items to initiate participatory actions.  Kuno along with other selected artists examining social concepts with objects and performance will be presented throughout the 2014-2015 season. 


Saori Kuno (Japan, °1983) works on the transduction of materials and situations by using simple-playful strategies of the system and formats for everyday practices, aesthetics and values. Her series of objects and installations are composed by simple materials, industrially produced parts and products which are submitted to reproducible processes with integrative meanings to reflect upon. She holds a Master of Research in Art and Design from St. Lucas University College of Art & Design Antwerp, Belgium (2014). Her works has been exhibited at Basis (Frankfurt); Marres (Maastricht);  MUHKA (Antwerp); Royal Academy of Fine Art (Antwerp) and Extra City (Antwerp). This is first solo presentation of Kuno's work.


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